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  Ingenii at a glance

>> 100 User Fields
>> Abandoned Cart Follow Up
>> Accessibility Options
>> Active Shoppers
>> Address Book
>> Associated Email Items
>> Automatic Image Handling
>> Automatic Image Removal
>> Automatic Menus
>> Automatic Upgrades
>> Automatic Userfield Display
>> Availability Notifications
>> Comparison Matrix
>> Customer Account Management
>> Customer Invoice Management
>> Customers Who Bought...
>> Delivery Calendar
>> Digital Downloads
>> Discount Flash
>> Discount on Registration
>> Dynamic Pages
>> eBay Templates
>> Edit Orders / Partial Shipments
>> HTML Emails
>> Image Slideshow / Enlargements
>> Image Watermarking
>> Image ZIPfile Uploads
>> Included Items
>> Link Exchange Program
>> Loyalty Points
>> Multiple Currencies
>> New Additions
>> Newsletter Generator
>> Payment Gateways
>> PermaCart
>> Printable Catalogue
>> Product Add & Edit
>> Product Reviews
>> Random Product Rotations
>> Recently Viewed Items
>> Recommend a Friend
>> RSS Feeds
>> Sales Statistics
>> Search Terms Used
>> SEO and Promotion
>> SEO Check
>> SEO Google Rank Check
>> SEO Verification Tags
>> Similar Searches
>> Skin Manager
>> SMS Marketing
>> SMS Notifications
>> Stats Hub
>> Stock Control
>> Store Backups
>> Toggle Areas
>> Top Ten Sellers
>> Trade Accounts
>> VIP Account Tiers
>> Wish List

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built in Google and Yahoo sitemaps
Store functions updated automatically so your store is always kept fully up to date
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*Automatic upgrades are subject to the host server allowing an external connection to the Ingenii server.

What is Ingenii Rapiide?
Ingenii is a brand new product for Summer 2008 which brings a trimmed down version of Ingenii for a small monthly payment and an amazingly quick turnaround of only 24 hours. We believe that online retailers should still have the freedom to have a fully functional ecommerce store without having to resort to hastily written "home brew" software or overpriced software that can't perform as it should.

To that end, we have taken our Ingenii Ecommerce software and scaled it down to the point where it does exactly what it says on the tin - it allows you to sell your products. There are no bells and whistles, nothing fancy and no unnecessary additions, but it allows you to get your foot in the door and build up your online business without breaking the bank.

Up and running in 24 hours for only £250
Ingenii Rapiide is our quickest installation, with most stores going live within 24 hours of receiving the £250 set up fee. This set up fee allows us to spend the time designing your store, preparing your webspace, installing the software and configuring it so that you can start adding products even before we have finished your store design. Ingenii Rapiide differs from other budget ecommerce packages because we CAN have you online with your own design within 24 hours whereas other companies only provide a temporary area for you to add products and can take anything between 7-14 days to provide a custom design for you. After your set up fee, the only other cost is the £19.99 per month.

How do I order my Ingenii Rapiide store?
The quickest and simplest way is to call us today on 0845 2222 647 and ask to speak directly to Mark. This will ensure that your request is handled immediately and any questions you may have can be answered by the person responsible for creating Ingenii Rapiide.

Ingenii Rapiide Features
All Ingenii Rapiide stores will feature the core Ingenii software (database search, add to cart etc) as well as the following features...

  • 100 Userfields
  • Accessibility Options
  • Anti-Exploitation Software
  • Automatic "Show All" link
  • Automatic Image Generation
  • Automatic Page Inclusion
  • Automatic Product Categories
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Customer Account Management
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Front Page Products
  • HTML Emails
  • Payment Processing
    • Cheque
    • Credit / Debit Card - manual processing
    • Credit / Debit Card - Protx
    • Credit / Debit Card - PayPal
  • Random products
  • Recommend a Friend
  • Register While Checking Out

Ingenii Rapiide FAQs
Please check the frequently asked questions below for anything that you may wish to find out about Ingenii Rapiide. Please also remember that the regular FAQs (link on the top menu) will answer other questions about Ingenii in general.

Q Does Ingenii Rapiide limit the number of products we can sell?
A No! We believe that limiting the number of products defeats the purpose of having an online store. Other budget ecommerce packages, as well as some high spec packages, impose a limit of 500 products or 20,000 products but Ingenii Rapiide uses exactly the same database engine as a regular Ingenii store, which means you have unlimited products available to you.
Q Can our customers track their orders online to save us time answering emails?
A Yes, your Ingenii store comes complete with Customer Order Tracking which not only allows your customers to see a realtime status of their current order(s) but also allows you to change the status of the order through a one-click system. You can even include courier tracking URLs for delivery consignments and additional shipping costs if the customer changes their order afterwards to a priority shipping method. Additional modules are available to allow you to handle partial shipments and enter notes within the tracking pages.
Q Will my Ingenii Rapiide store still work like a regular Ingenii store?
A Absolutely! The only difference between Ingenii Rapiide and a regular Ingenii store is that we've removed some of the more advanced features in order to make it more affordable and to ensure a quick turnaround for you.
Q Will I still be able to take payments online?
A Yes, we haven't changed anything as far as payment processing is concerned. In fact, we've even kept in the ability for your customers to register while they're checking out - a feature missing from many budget ecommerce packages.
Q What happens if my business starts to do well... am I limited to Ingenii Rapiide?
A Absolutely not. If you get to the stage where you find yourself gasping for more, we can either upgrade you to a regular Ingenii store or offer you a series of staged upgrades so that you can add more functionality a little at a time. This means you're not over spending, you're not throwing your customers in at the deep end with a whole new store, and you don't have to spend time learning all of the features of a regular Ingenii store at once.
Q Are there any hidden charges?
A None whatsoever! The setup fee of £250 covers our time to create a custom design for your store, as well as all necessary software installations. Thereafter you will pay £19.99 per month for your store, regardless of how many products you add, how many sales your online store takes, or how successful your store becomes. We will not charge you anything more for your Ingenii Rapiide store.
Q What happens if I stop paying my £19.99 monthly fee?
A Unfortunately, your store will be removed and you will no longer have access to it. The ongoing monthly payment is similar to renting a television or renting property from a landlord - if the payments are no longer forthcoming, then the right to use is revoked. If we do not receive a monthly payment, we will obviously contact you first to make sure everything is ok and to discuss payments with you. If we are still unable to receive payment after several attempts, the store will be removed.
Q Do I own my store?
A As with all software based websites, the store software is being licensed to the store owner but the ownership of the source code and any other components therein remains the property of Three Ravens as the developers. We will never charge you again for this license though, your set up fee and monthly payments give you full use of the software with no additional licensing required.
Q Do I need to use your own hosting?
A No, unlike other budget ecommerce providers, we do not force you to take our own hosting. You are free to use any other hosting company as long as they support Perl and MySQL, which will be the case for most hosting companies. While we do offer specialised ecommerce hosting ourselves, it is not necessary for any of our ecommerce packages. In the case of Ingenii Rapiide, if you are unable to provide immediate access to webspace or a domain name, we can host the store temporarily (up to four weeks) at no extra charge to allow you to add products until your webspace is ready.
Q Will I have to call a premium rate number for support, or pay for maintenance and support?
A All of our stores, whether they are Ingenii Rapiide or regular Ingenii, are tested thoroughly before we let our clients test them. We offer free support for our software, and will endeavour to fix any and all problems which may arise after your store has been completed, although this will likely never be required. We will, however, charge for anything that you wish done aesthetically such as a design change or colour change after your design has been approved.

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