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>> 100 User Fields
>> Abandoned Cart Follow Up
>> Accessibility Options
>> Active Shoppers
>> Address Book
>> Associated Email Items
>> Automatic Image Handling
>> Automatic Image Removal
>> Automatic Menus
>> Automatic Upgrades
>> Automatic Userfield Display
>> Availability Notifications
>> Comparison Matrix
>> Customer Account Management
>> Customer Invoice Management
>> Customers Who Bought...
>> Delivery Calendar
>> Digital Downloads
>> Discount Flash
>> Discount on Registration
>> Dynamic Pages
>> eBay Templates
>> Edit Orders / Partial Shipments
>> HTML Emails
>> Image Slideshow / Enlargements
>> Image Watermarking
>> Image ZIPfile Uploads
>> Included Items
>> Link Exchange Program
>> Loyalty Points
>> Multiple Currencies
>> New Additions
>> Newsletter Generator
>> Payment Gateways
>> PermaCart
>> Printable Catalogue
>> Product Add & Edit
>> Product Reviews
>> Random Product Rotations
>> Recently Viewed Items
>> Recommend a Friend
>> RSS Feeds
>> Sales Statistics
>> Search Terms Used
>> SEO and Promotion
>> SEO Check
>> SEO Google Rank Check
>> SEO Verification Tags
>> Similar Searches
>> Skin Manager
>> SMS Marketing
>> SMS Notifications
>> Stats Hub
>> Stock Control
>> Store Backups
>> Toggle Areas
>> Top Ten Sellers
>> Trade Accounts
>> VIP Account Tiers
>> Wish List

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built in Google and Yahoo sitemaps
Store functions updated automatically so your store is always kept fully up to date
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*Automatic upgrades are subject to the host server allowing an external connection to the Ingenii server.

Frequently Asked Questions...
The following will hopefully answer any questions that you may have about an ecommerce site from Ingenii. If there is anything further that you'd like to ask, please get in contact.

Q We only have a small business, is the software suitable for us?
A Yes, the Ingenii Ecommerce software is flexible enough to be used by individuals, small businesses and even large businesses. The ease of use means that you won't need dedicated staff to deal with the running of the store, whether you are selling only a few products, or hundreds of thousands.
Our Ingenii Rapiide package is the entry level Ingenii store and was created specifically to allow people to test the water with a scaled down store without spending a great deal of money - click here for more info on Ingenii Rapiide
Q I'm unfamiliar with E-Commerce so will the software be easy for me to use?
A Absolutely! Not only is the software simple to use by default, but there are popups which explain the operation of each area so you never wander in to unnecessary territory. What's more, each of the admin screens are clearly laid out and have detailed information for each of the sections within so you never go wrong.
Q Do I need to be skilled or have a background in programming to be able to effectively use the software?
A Thankfully, no! The software is written specifically to be as simple as possible to operate on every level. Once your store has been designed and installed by our skilled ecommerce team, it will be configured to suit your own requirements and a selection of products will be added to get you started. From that point, everything you'll ever need to do is done through an easy-to-use web based admin interface, your Store Manager.
Q Can I limit access to certain areas of the software for some employees?
A Yes, with an additional module you can have as many different admin accounts as you need, each with their own access restrictions. For example, certain staff members may need to be able to view all incoming orders as well as adding and deleting products, whereas others may only need access to the orders to prevent important products from being removed from the database.
Q Can I change the look of the store for Christmas or Valentines Day?
A Yes, with the built in Skin Manager you can have as many store designs as you want and will be able to switch between "skins" as and when required. Please note that you will only be supplied with one skin by default, unless you specify otherwise.
Q Do you add the products to the store for us?
A No, just like any other company providing you with an ecommerce solution, you are being given a fully functional store with content management to allow you to add products yourselves at your own pace. While we DO actually offer a facility to add products on behalf of the client, this is more for search engine optimisation purposes than data processing.
Q How easy is it to add new products? Can we do this ourselves?
A Adding, editing and removing products from your store is perhaps the most important part of the software and as such is the simplest part of the entire admin process. Through the product add and edit area you have control over the product categories, subcategories, cost, colour/size (etc) options, product description, even other items that you wish to promote alongside any particular item - all through a simple web page.
Q We don't have a merchant account; does the software support or feature any payment gateways?
A By default, your store comes with the facility to take payments by cheque and bank transfer. In addition to this, the store also supports realtime credit card transactions through SagePay (formerly Protx) and PayPal IPN. There is also the functionality available to use WorldPay in the UK, and PayFlow, LinkPoint and AuthorizeNet in the USA
Q If we have our own merchant account, how soon will we receive payment after a successful transaction?
A This depends on how you choose to process the funds. If your merchant services provider uses an offline method whereby you would enter the credit card details into a swipe machine or through a virtual terminal then it would take the same amount of time as it would with a normal transaction. If, however, you use our Premium service, we can integrate fully with SagePay (formerly Protx) to allow realtime authorisation for transactions, which would allow the funds to clear in your account on the next working day.
Q We have a large product database and wondered if the software could support this?
A Technically there is no limit to the size of database that the software will support. The Ingenii software uses very fast MySQL databases to handle your products, inventory, customer accounts, reviews and even which search terms have been used on your site so that you should never really see any drop in performance.
Q Can our customers track their orders online to save us time answering emails?
A Yes, your Ingenii store comes complete with Customer Order Tracking which not only allows your customers to see a realtime status of their current order(s) but also allows you to change the status of the order through a one-click system. You can even include courier tracking URLs for delivery consignments and additional shipping costs if the customer changes their order afterwards to a priority shipping method. Additional modules are available to allow you to handle partial shipments and enter notes within the tracking pages.
Q Will we have a full order history for each customer?
A Our Ingenii Premium installation includes additional customer account modules such as customer registration, order history, loyalty points and stock notification. The Ingenii Lite installation does not include order history but does allow for customers to track current orders.
Q How flexible is the software?
A The software has been written in a modular fashion to allow us to write simple drop-in addons and have them work as an integral part of the store without having to rewrite the software. That said, however, it is entirely possible to have certain aspects of the main software rewritten to suit your exact needs. Please discuss this further with us if you have any questions.
Q Are there add-ons or upgrades available, allowing us to achieve additional functionality at a later date?
A Yes, any modules that are not part of the basic installation can be purchased and installed in addition to your original software. In some cases there are modules available which are not included in the Premium package as they are not high demand modules and are therefore reserved on a per-client basis.
Q How difficult is it to install additional modules to upgrade the store?
A With the Premium installation, most additional modules can be purchased directly from your Store Manager and are installed automatically by the software without any intervention required from you. In some cases, (and with the Ingenii Lite software), the installations will be too complicated to perform automatically, but we will handle this for you.
Q If I go with an Ingenii store today, how long before the functionality is obsolete?
A The beauty of the Premium Ingenii store is that whenever we upgrade any of our existing functionality, you will be notified as soon as you log in to your Store Manager. You will never be forced to upgrade anything that you don't want to, but the option will be there for you to automatically upgrade and benefit from the latest enhancements to any particular features. If the Top Ten Sellers module is upgraded (as it was recently) then your store would be able to apply this upgrade for you with NO intervention from you.
Q Can we recommend products to customers to aid a sales push?
A Yes, the Included Items feature of your store allows you to recommend specific products to the customer depending on what you yourself would like to "push". A typical example would be to "push" a matching Sony DVD Recorder to any customer who is currently viewing a Sony Widescreen TV.
Q Does the software include a facility for us to send a newsletter to all our customers at once?
A Yes, your Ingenii store will collect email addresses for everyone who registers on your store as well as those who simply wish to be included on your mailing list but haven't yet purchased. For Ingenii Lite users, this mailing list can be exported and used by any third party mailing software. For Premium users, there is an optional module which not only allows you to very quickly design your own newsletters, but also send them out to your mailing list automatically without leaving the Store Manager area.


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