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>> 100 User Fields
>> Abandoned Cart Follow Up
>> Accessibility Options
>> Active Shoppers
>> Address Book
>> Associated Email Items
>> Automatic Image Handling
>> Automatic Image Removal
>> Automatic Menus
>> Automatic Upgrades
>> Automatic Userfield Display
>> Availability Notifications
>> Comparison Matrix
>> Customer Account Management
>> Customer Invoice Management
>> Customers Who Bought...
>> Delivery Calendar
>> Digital Downloads
>> Discount Flash
>> Discount on Registration
>> Dynamic Pages
>> eBay Templates
>> Edit Orders / Partial Shipments
>> HTML Emails
>> Image Slideshow / Enlargements
>> Image Watermarking
>> Image ZIPfile Uploads
>> Included Items
>> Link Exchange Program
>> Loyalty Points
>> Multiple Currencies
>> New Additions
>> Newsletter Generator
>> Payment Gateways
>> PermaCart
>> Printable Catalogue
>> Product Add & Edit
>> Product Reviews
>> Random Product Rotations
>> Recently Viewed Items
>> Recommend a Friend
>> RSS Feeds
>> Sales Statistics
>> Search Terms Used
>> SEO and Promotion
>> SEO Check
>> SEO Google Rank Check
>> SEO Verification Tags
>> Similar Searches
>> Skin Manager
>> SMS Marketing
>> SMS Notifications
>> Stats Hub
>> Stock Control
>> Store Backups
>> Toggle Areas
>> Top Ten Sellers
>> Trade Accounts
>> VIP Account Tiers
>> Wish List

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built in Google and Yahoo sitemaps
Store functions updated automatically so your store is always kept fully up to date
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*Automatic upgrades are subject to the host server allowing an external connection to the Ingenii server.

Ecommerce Solutions
At Ingenii, we have created an ecommerce solution to suit any budget. From cheap ecommerce right through to professional ecommerce, we have it covered. It is our belief that everyone should be able to start a career in online trading without having to resort to lengthy business plans and personal loans just to get themselves off the ground.

The Ingenii ecommerce software has been in constant development since 2003, giving us giving us five years experience specialising in ecommerce. During that time we have worked alongside all of our clients to give them the best possible advice to grow their online business. In some cases we were approached by people in full time employment who wanted to build themselves a better future by starting an online business even though their budgets were limited and would still have to continue their day job to support their families in the meantime. Now, almost all of those individuals have taken the plunge and eventually left their full time job, concentrating full time on running their store. In certain cases, the growth has been phenomenal, resulting in the setting up of a bricks and mortar store, employing staff and even expanding into wholesale by creating a separate trade only ecommerce store.

Whether you are an individual wanting to build yourself a better future or an existing company wishing to add an online arm to your business, we can accommodate your requirements and will undoubtedly have something that will suit your budget.

As well as the bespoke ecommerce websites that we provide, there is the "off the shelf" Premium package which, we hope, will cater for every possible eventuality...

Ingenii Premium
If this was in a fairy tale, the Ingenii Premium package would be the part where the narrator reads "but this one is just right". The evolution of Ingenii Premium began five years ago when it became clear that no other ecommerce package on the market was capable of providing all of the functionality required by our clients and there was a need to create something which would not only cope with their current demands... but would be flexible enough to upgrade itself exponentially without the need for any programming skills or down time. To that end, Ingenii Premium was created and has never stopped evolving, to the point where we've now had nine separate "final releases" in those five years, as well as more than 100 individually released addon features.


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