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>> 100 User Fields
>> Abandoned Cart Follow Up
>> Accessibility Options
>> Active Shoppers
>> Address Book
>> Associated Email Items
>> Automatic Image Handling
>> Automatic Image Removal
>> Automatic Menus
>> Automatic Upgrades
>> Automatic Userfield Display
>> Availability Notifications
>> Comparison Matrix
>> Customer Account Management
>> Customer Invoice Management
>> Customers Who Bought...
>> Delivery Calendar
>> Digital Downloads
>> Discount Flash
>> Discount on Registration
>> Dynamic Pages
>> eBay Templates
>> Edit Orders / Partial Shipments
>> HTML Emails
>> Image Slideshow / Enlargements
>> Image Watermarking
>> Image ZIPfile Uploads
>> Included Items
>> Link Exchange Program
>> Loyalty Points
>> Multiple Currencies
>> New Additions
>> Newsletter Generator
>> Payment Gateways
>> PermaCart
>> Printable Catalogue
>> Product Add & Edit
>> Product Reviews
>> Random Product Rotations
>> Recently Viewed Items
>> Recommend a Friend
>> RSS Feeds
>> Sales Statistics
>> Search Terms Used
>> SEO and Promotion
>> SEO Check
>> SEO Google Rank Check
>> SEO Verification Tags
>> Similar Searches
>> Skin Manager
>> SMS Marketing
>> SMS Notifications
>> Stats Hub
>> Stock Control
>> Store Backups
>> Toggle Areas
>> Top Ten Sellers
>> Trade Accounts
>> VIP Account Tiers
>> Wish List

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Store functions updated automatically so your store is always kept fully up to date
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*Automatic upgrades are subject to the host server allowing an external connection to the Ingenii server.

Example Stores...
The stores below show various versions of our software installations.
Please note that these are live stores and should not be used for testing purposes.

Bunny Bazaar Bunny Bazaar
This is the first dedicated Ingenii v7b store, utilising all the latest features and a faster engine. With more automation than ever before, the version 7b software eases the pressure off the store owner, and Bunny Bazaar is an excellent example. Site features a full redesign and logo design, taking the store in a completely different direction from the old store at Bunny Mail.
Drac In A Box Drac In A Box
With stunning hand made gothic clothing, the Drac In A Box store was always going to be a pleasure to design and build. Their previous store used a funky gothic Alice in Wonderland creation by Rion Vernon and so we took this image and expanded upon it with the coffin-cum-wardrobe, moonlight and bats, which has resulted in perhaps the darkest... and yet most colourful store to date.
Biggars Music Biggars Music
The "subcategory by manufacturer" functionality was originally written for this store, allowing our client to display products by category, subcategory, and by manufacturer. This store also features the Top Ten Manufacturers module.
The Naked Monkey The Naked Monkey
The Naked Monkey has been our client for years, but recently asked to upgrade to our latest Ingenii v7a software to take advantage of the brand new features. The difference between their 2004 software and the new software is incredible, but the design formula was always perfect for them and so we just tidied it up but left it more or less the same. If it's not broke...
Pine Direct - The Pine Furniture Store Pine Direct
A new online name in The Pine Furniture Store, and a brand new look. This time around, we opted for a much more corporate feel, and one which stands them in good stead amongst the big name stores. A very neutral design was created, reflecting the comfort of home but with a more contemporary feel and more subdued colours. A huge improvement on their store from a couple of years ago.
Peter Smith Pianos Peter Smith Pianos
Our previous Peter Smith store had to be predominantly hard-coded due to the particular nature of their design brief. This time around, however, we went fully dynamic and focussed on the products themselves rather than an extravagant design which should, in turn, result in a much more pleasing experience for the end user.
The Outfitters General Store The Outfitters General Store
This was yet another store from several years ago which underwent the massive transformation from an Ingenii v4b installation to an Ingenii v7a store. The store has a certain amount of custom programming due to strange pricing restrictions within the USA, but the overall look and feel of the original store has stayed the same, and was merely expanded upon to suit the software advancements.
Pueblo Chelles Pueblo Chelles
The Pueblo Chelles Southwestern Jewelry store is perhaps our longest standing client for ecommerce, and has had the same design for that entire time... until very recently. This was our first rebuild with the Ingenii 6b software and has resulted in a fantastic increase in search engine rankings and our client is over the moon with the ease of use within the new Store Manager.

Full Ingenii Demo...
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