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Delivery Calendar
The Delivery Calendar module was developed to allow our clients with same day deliveries (ie florists, fast food) or next day deliveries (computer components, replacement parts etc) to specify cut off times and maintain a calendar system which wouldn't promise a Sunday delivery if this wasn't possible.

To that end, we created the Delivery Calendar. The store owner can easily select whether the first available delivery date is the same day or next day, and can set a cut-off point for these deliveries. For example, if the store offers a same day delivery service for flowers in the local area, but will only accept same day delivery requests until 2pm of the same day, then the cut-off point would be set at 13:59 to allow customers the ability to order until that point in time. Once 14:00 is reached, the delivery calendar will no longer permit orders for the same day and will instead default all deliveries until at least the following day.

To prevent any miscommunications between the customer and the store, it is also possible to exclude certain days from the delivery calendar. As most businesses are unlikely to deliver on a Sunday, the owner can check the "Sunday" box within the exclusion list to ensure that the delivery calendar will never make a Sunday available for deliveries. Similarly, if the store is unable to offer a Saturday delivery due to greater courier costs, then the option would be to simply prevent customers from selecting Saturdays from the delivery calendar.

As all stores have different operating procedures, the option is there to add ANY day to the exclusion list.


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